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Paranormal Homicide Investigations

Route 66 Paranormal Investigations is constantly evolving.  Our investigations seem to alter and form our direction and theme.  

We conducted a paranormal investigation on the famous Grasshopper Junction located in Arizona.  This was the site of a brutal robbery and murder.  We returned to the location of murders to see if we can reconnect with the spirits of those who were killed.  

We are now going to conduct several investigations of this type.  We believe it adds something new to Ghost Hunting.  It's kind of like mixing the murder drama show 48 hours and your favorite Ghost Hunters show together.  We will use a Licensed Private Investigations company to Investigate a particular murder investigation and report their findings back to us.  Then we will do the Paranormal Investigation of the murder location.  Emagine getting the murder victims to talk from beyond to provide you with detailed information.  We will combine the findings of  these two investigative reportings to the public.  Watch for more information on this exciting new journey that Route 66 Paranormal Investigators is taking.


Current Paranormal Homicide Investigations

Grasshopper Junction

The site of a double murder and robbery on May 14th, 1991

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News and Events

Just finished filming with Ghost Adventures and the Travel Channel at one of our past investigation sites, the Grand Canyon Caverns.

Just finished investigating and filming at the Glory Hole in Oatman, AZ.


Route 66 Paranormal Investigators has copyright and trademark certificates completed.  We have secured our logos, graphics, themes, story lines, names and publications.


Route 66 Paranormal Investigators is not a licensed private investigations agency.  Any Investigation work that requires a license is contracted out to United Private Investigations, a fully licensed Private Investigation Agency. 
The information learned  from that agency is then used to inform the public of our total findings.  No member/paranormal investigator of Route 66 Paranormal Investigators conducts any part of an investigation that requires a license.

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